Andrea Trisdale: Phone Art

Andrea Trisdale is a talented young woman who lives and works in Austin, Texas. She is a tremendously creative person who finds her greatest satisfaction in painting and the dramatic arts. “I’m a happy person that enjoys life and all that it has to offer,” she says. “I try to share that with others in my attitude, actions, and art.” Her art ­– in particular her painting – is her way of expressing herself, and the way that she sees things. “I paint feelings, not just pictures,” she says. Me and my art May 2014Andrea Trisdale has loved art ever since she was a kid. Today she markets her work through her own business, Art by Ande ( She paints mostly abstract impressionism but says that she is open to creating all kinds of art. While she is drawn first to acrylic on canvas, her work has also appeared on cell phone cases, including some on which she has painted directly onto the phone case itself. “Mini art, phone art!” she declares. Les Belles Feuilles - Art By Ande iPhone Case - Andrea Trisdale's Original Artwork Andrea Trisdale is also an animal lover who volunteers her time to a local shelter called Austin Pets Alive!, which runs programs that are designed to save animals that are most at risk for euthanasia. She is greatly concerned about homeless animals, the Austin Pets Alive! philosophy is a perfect fit with her own. “I love animals,” she says, “and want to do my part to reduce the homeless animal population, and support Austin being a no-kill city.”


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