Andrea Trisdale: Giving Blood

Andrea Trisdale attended Baylor University, holding a degree in Communications. She also attended the Austin Institute of Real Estate and is a licensed realtor who works at Urban Squared Realty in Austin, Texas.

She is a longtime blood donor who is a vocal advocate for blood donations. As she knows, more than four and a half million people need a blood transfusion every year in the United States and Canada; every single day, there are some forty-three thousand pints of blood used in hospitals throughout North America. Not everyone can be a blood donor: in fact, only thirty-seven percent of the American population is eligible to give blood, underscoring the importance of generous and selfless blood donors like Andrea Trisdale.

To be a blood donor, she says, you must be healthy and at least seventeen years old. You also have to weigh at least one hundred and ten pounds. People who meet those criteria are able to donate one pint of blood every fifty-six days, on average, depending on their iron levels. A pint of blood is the average donation.

Andrea Trisdale
Andrea Trisdale

“Each donation,” Andrea Trisdale is fond of pointing out, “saves two lives.” That’s because there are four types of products that can be derived from a pint of whole blood: red cells, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate. Since each pint of whole blood can be separated into two or three of these products, each donation has the potential of saving multiple people.

Andrea Trisdale reminds people that donating blood is easy to do. You register, provide a medical history and a mini-physical, and make the donation. When it’s over donors get a cookie. The whole thing only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, with the actual donation only taking about twelve minutes.


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